We’re Still Going Facebook Live with Sean Dent Pt. 2, RNFM Radio EPS 244


Sean DentKevin and Elizabeth are back with more Sean Dent and more Facebook Live inspiration! Are you with us? Did you hear episode 243 where we covered how to prep for launching on Facebook Live?

Here are the nuts and bolts for making the magic happen. There was SO much detail on this episode, so if you really want to catch all of the nuances of these hot tips, listen to the recording!

OK, you’ve hit record and gone live on Facebook Live!

  1. The first 8 seconds of your video matter the most — you need to grab someone’s attention! Does your video matter to folks in your audience? You need to have a user stop scrolling and watch and listen!
  2. Welcome people who are actually watching. This is live video, and people are tuning in in real time! Thank people for being there, call some of them out by name, and make them feel welcome and noticed.
  3. Where are you looking? Where is your camera?
  4. Balance your message and what you want to say with responding to viewers’ comments? (Keeping your camera in “portrait” — upright — orientation makes it easier to look down at the comments and up at the camera and back again as opposed to “landscape” orientation.
  5. A Facebook Live broadcast can be up to 4 hours in length.
  6. During recording, remind your audience to enable live notifications so that they’ll be notified the next time you go live.
  7. Always save your video to your device for later use. Facebook will remind you to do that. You can then repurpose that video later on.
  8. Think about a name for your video. After the recording, you can rename it based on how it turned out and what came up during the recording process as you interacted with your audience. You also need to go in and add the description.
  9. Go back to the video’s comments, and change the view so that they’re in chronological order. Now respond to comments and questions!
  10. Categorize your video so that it’s easier for people to find it.

Your time and attention is off the hook!

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