Starting to Define Your Product or Service, RNFM Radio EPS 240


On episode 239, we talked about owning your expertise, and one of those tips we mentioned (tip #5) was that you need to develop a product or service, but how to define that?

Caveman(Note: no cavemen were harmed in the recording of this podcast.)

Well, in this episode we take a dive on solving a problem, doing it differently, an overview of a market analysis, and getting paid for it.

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Here’s the Crib Notes version of the episode:

  1. Solving a problem: identify the problem, you know something that others don’t know; you may have experience solving this problem for yourself. Do you? Teach others how you did it!
  2. Differentiation: what’s special about your solution? Bring your strengths to your differentiated solution. Who will resonate with your product, service, and brand?
  3. They’re asking for it: a) Market analysis (ear to the rail, what’s their pain point?)
    b) Social media ? ask and listen; utilize groups (start one or use preexisting groups!)Caveman with stone wheel
  1. They’re going to pay:
  • Assess your audience and their pain:
  • How bad does it hurt? Real bad.
  • Does it hurt enough that they’re willing to pay for your solution?
  • Market it to those who have the money to pay for what you’re offering.



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