We’re Vlogging and We’re Social with Sean Dent: Pt. 1 EPS 237


Sean DentPutting the nuts and bolts together to start a vlog may seem as if it’s a daunting task, but after listening to this episode you’ll realize that you may have already started vlogging and didn’t even know it, or at the very least that the journey is quite attainable.

On this episode we’re hanging out with Sean Dent who has vlogged every day for the last year on Facebook. Yes, that’s 365 days of vlogs. Can you imagine doing this yourself? You might after you tune in to this one.

This podcast episode is the first edition of a two-part series where we discuss five tips to help you start thinking about vlogging:

  1. We discuss what a vlog is and how it’s different than a blog.
  2. The importance for your brand to vlog.
  3. The differences and benefits of a live vs. a pre-recorded.
  4. The benefits of scripted vs. off the cuff/ad lib.
  5. Which platforms to start out on.


These tips will help you start planning a vlog and each one of these will also help you better understand that starting to vlog isn’t anywhere close to being impossible. It is achievable.

We’d like to thank Sean P. Dent for hanging out with us as a guest co-host and expert on vlogging.

Sean is:

A Social Media Specialist, Freelance Blogger, Vlogger, Podcaster, Online Community Manager, and Nurse Entrepreneur. A self-made mediapreneur, social media maven and 10-year blogging veteran who recently celebrated successfully posting a vlog every day for a full calendar year. A milestone accomplished while working as a full-time Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in a Shock Trauma teaching hospital. When he’s not saving lives or dropping knowledge bombs online he’s drinking coffee and eating bacon.

Sean also has a new live webinar about to drop on February 28th, 2017:

Find Sean here:

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Your time and attention is off the hook!

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