Take a Step Back to Move Forward in Your Business, RNFM Radio EPS 236


We’re all about helping you move forward, folks; there’s nothing like clearing your head, chillaxing, and getting in the groove in the interest of your business. This episode is all about overcoming paralysis, staying positive, and pushing forward with inspired persistence.

Onward, forward, and upward
Well, we started off this episode with Led Zeppelin, so here it is, folks….enjoy. (We also mentioned Frankie Goes to Hollywood, AC/DC, The Doors and Stevie Nicks, but this is the only video we’ll torture you with this time around…….(can you hear Kevin singing?)

Are you ready for an encapsulation of what we covered in this episode? Here it is!

1) Get off your duff and move, friends. Rusty the dog helps Elizabeth get out there; what can you do to get moving?

2) Relax, calm down, and chillax. Tension and frustration can block your creativity.

3) Revisit your childhood and play. In other words, get back to the things you love. Got a hula hoop? #workhardplayharder

4) Step away from the problem! There are many ways to do this, including some of the previous steps! Elizabeth adds that “mindless”, less taxing work can turn the light bulb on. Step away!

5) Beat the negative back and stay positive. The brain can look for the trouble, scanning the plains for that sabre tooth tiger. How can you make the shift to positivity and gratitude?

6) Ask for help or partner up. Entrepreneurship can feel lonely and isolating, so reach out and ask for help. Accountability partners can help, as can psychotherapists, counselors, your spouse, a coach, or even a faith leader.

7) Sleep on it. Of course, you need rest and sleep for your mental and physical health. You may also need to sleep on an email before sending it, or just get some distance from a problem and potentially resolving it in your dreams. Meanwhile, just giving an idea some rest can move things forward in the long run.

8) Persistence pays dividends. Period. Mic drop.

It’s a wrap, folks; get out there and open yourself up to those breakthroughs!

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