Review What’s Working in Your Business, Part 2, RNFM Radio EPS 235


On episode 235 of RNFM Radio, we dig into even more tips for reviewing what’s working with your business. Welcome to Part Deux!

Turn it up to high!

Here are some of our tips for taking a different approach in 2017, building on the content from episode 234.

1) Stay immersed and in the weeds

Even if you’ve delegated many of the daily tasks and decision-making, stay in the mix since you can lose momentum and motivation by being too outside the fray. Of course, there will be things that you’ve delegated that are simply beyond your capabilities or knowledge base. Systems are important to have in place so that new team members can step in as they come online.

2) Forget perfection and embrace progress (…said Elizabeth to Kevin)

If you’re overly immersed and attached to perfection, let it go and embrace relative imperfection and progress. “Done” is better than “perfect”.

3) Say “no” more often

Get better at saying yes to saying no. When you say no to someone else, you’re often simultaneously saying yes to yourself. Remember: one door closes and another one opens!

4) Don’t be afraid to get back in the box (temporarily, of course!)

Sometimes you’ve got to dismiss a formula and go with your gut. Kevin’s always saying to get out of the box, but sometimes climbing back in temporarily can work for you. Getting back inside can help us to reconnect with the roots of what we do. Listen to Kevin’s description of his example of how we at RNFM Radio has had to do this ourselves.

5) Sometimes you’ve got to dismiss a formula and go with your gut

Taking relative risks based on gut instinct can be informative and exciting; meanwhile, basing large initiatives on simply gut instinct can be potentially risky and costly. Go with your gut when the time is right, and consider running your gut feelings by your trusted advisors and colleagues.

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