Review What’s Working in Your Business, Part 1, RNFM Radio EPS 234


On episode 234, Elizabeth admits to feeling schizophrenic due to major computer troubles, and Keith coins the term “Dissociative Personality Podcasting Disorder.”

Take your performance to the max!
Anyhoo, here are our five actionable steps for you to identify what’s working in your business:

1) As 2016 is barely in the rearview, give yourself a performance review of how you did in the previous year

  • Get clear on who your target audience is
  • Don’t be afraid of narrowing your niche; this attracts the right people to you
  • Creating our network was part of our efforts to reach certain audience niches with different shows
  • Elizabeth always uses a whole day to take stock of her finances as the year ends; she gets it all down in black and white. She looks at her goals for the year and sees how she did and what’s next.

2) Assess/write out a 100-day plan for your business (taking a page from politics and what new presidents do as they take office).

  • Writing things down concretizes your goals.
  • Be willing to change your tactics and strategies as you continually reassess

3) If you don’t use it, throw it out or donate it. Reorganize your space (Declutter your office and/or your life. What has each of us done to reorganize this year?)

  • Kevin discusses the organization of his physical space, gadgets, and papers (HINT: he loathes paper!)
  • A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind
  • Keith donated a lot of unused clothes as the year began

4) Teams are important; how’s your team doing?

  • Where are you in terms of your team?
  • If a team member/freelancer/contractor is not working out, let them go
  • Hiring intelligently is also crucial
  • Are you the only member of the team? Do you need to “fire” yourself from certain responsibilities and hire the right people to take those tasks over?

5) Reassess your fee structure (cost of living increases, overhead, etc.)

  • Elizabeth discusses her strong opinions about sticking to your guns as you raise your fees
  • Prior to a sales call, prepare beforehand so that your confidence is high as you begin the conversation
  • If your costs are increasing, your fees also need to increase in order for you to remain profitable

That’s a wrap, folks! We wish you a fantastic, organized, and abundant 2017!

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