Time-Wasters Are Killing Me! RNFM Radio EPS 229


Are you wasting time? Is social media sucking up your productivity? Here at RNFM Radio, we want to encourage you to not waste time and get productive!

the time-wasting vortex
Social Media As Time-Waster

In 2015, Gallup announced that Americans were checking their phones at least every hour. Meanwhile, other sources have reported that we check our phones more than 100 times per day!

Need ways to break your addiction? There are plenty of helpful hints out there. And if you need to block certain apps in order to get your mind to focus, there are resources for you.


Kevin hates meetings! Conversations can be circular, and much time can be wasted in meetings, and many problems can be solved via email, shared documents, or simple phone calls.

As a committee member, you can ask a targeted questions, keep the group on task and adhering to a strict agenda, and focusing on action items.

Is a meeting necessary? Can it be done by phone instead? Can shared documents be used? Avoid long email threads!

Individual/Personal Productivity

Elizabeth likes to use a paper calendar, while Keith relies solely on a Google Calendar that can be synced to all of his devices. (Elizabeth and Keith also love spreadsheets!)

White boards, daily plans, and other organizational systems will help you manage your time best. What works for your brain? 

You also need to cut distractions, folks!

Keith loves Azendoo, Slack, Asana, and other organization apps; and as we mentioned above, there are apps that can be used to block social media on your computer or smart phone for periods of time.

And did you know that there is actually evidence that writing things down can help you remember them? Meanwhile, multi-tasking is actually less productive than you can imagine!

And be sure to schedule time for self-care and spontaneity! (Schedule time for spontaneity???)

And remember that being unprepared and running late can cause unnecessary stress and wasted energy; how can you turn those patterns around?

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