That’s It; We’re Quitting! RNFM Radio EPS 227


On episode 227 of RNFM Radio, our first message is a shout out of gratitude to Craig over at Keepit Real, RN. Craig is awesome; check out his website and definitely head over to his YouTube channel as well. What an awesome nurse!

I quit!Keith is celebrating leaving his final nursing position as a DON/CNO of a home health agency in Albuquerque. He admits that it’s scary, but quitting is something that many of us are faced with over the course of our lives and careers. One of Keith’s latest articles for MultiBriefs News Service delves into when and why it’s time to consider leaving a job, and we recommend this article as a good grounding in thinking about this subject.

Loyalty can keep us at a job longer than we might actually want to stay, and many of you may be able to relate; and we all agree that feeling that your license is being put at risk at your job is likely the #1 reason to quit….today! Being asked to work beyond your scope of practice is also a very risky business that should get you out the door stat.

Meanwhile, if bullying, intimidation, harassment, discrimination, or other aberrant behaviors are not being addressed in your workplace, this is definitely a reason to hit the ejector seat button and jettison yourself out of there.

It’s also agreed very widely that people tend to leave their employers due to feelings about managers, not the companies they work for. Forbes has a great article about this, as does Huffington Post. Meanwhile, lists nine things that managers do that force good employees to quit.

  • Is there room for your professional growth at your workplace?
  • Do you feel cared about and valued?
  • Do you sense any investment in your career and success on the part of your employer?
  • How are the perks and benefits?
  • What’s your workplace culture like? Is it healthy, toxic, or neutral?

Leaving a job gracefully is always best if you can manage it; burning bridges isn’t recommended, and an exit interview can be a useful way to give and receive feedback as you exit, stage left.

What have you quit? What has it been like? Have you quit jobs and left on both good terms and bad terms? We’d love to hear your stories!

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