The Building Blocks of Confidence, RNFM Radio EPS 226


On episode 226 of RNFM Radio, Keith brought up the issue of confidence due to the fact that many nurses contact him with feelings of low nursing self-esteem and a dearth of self-confidence. Each of us has something to say about this, and we dig deep and vulnerably in this episode. Here are some highlights:

  • What deep subconscious stuff is holding you back or limiting you?
  • Take inspired action towards overcoming fear, anxiety, etc
  • Developing self-awareness is crucial
  • Accountability partners can help you move forward and build yourself up

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orms of support are important, and Keith touches on the fact that he recommends psychotherapy or counseling for his career coaching clients who appear to have subterranean psychoemotional or psychospiritual issues that are crying out for healing. Here are some of the therapies we discussed, at least in passing:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Talk therapy or counseling
  • Body-centered or somatic therapies
  • Sand tray therapy
  • EFT and tapping
  • Faith leaders
  • Equine therapy and animal therapy
  • Various forms of coaching

Some details of Kevin’ sharing on this episode: 

  • Kevin was an only child and was sometimes homeless and hungry. From his perspective, he had very little in terms of access to opportunity.
  • I could easily wallow in the mire, but the one thing I had control over ws my mind.”
  • I’m always competing with the person I was yesterday.”
  • By being positive, I proved to myself that I didn’t need all of that stuff to get where I am today.”
  • It’s easier when you get off your duff, change a behavior, and change a situation.”
  • Use your life experiences as points of learning and the impetus of creating a new you.

Elizabeth’s story and powerful point of view:

  • I’ve experienced a ton of rejection and self-esteem challenges.”
  • Has worked with life coaches and business coaches.
  • Frequently reads books on personal growth.
  • Feeling worthy is crucial.
  • Sees healers for energy work and support.
  • Works with her subconscious, talks to herself in the mirror to build her confidence.
  • Nursing From Within is about using intentional statements and positive self-talk to change the subconscious beliefs and self-talk from the negative to the positive.
  • We can’t cut physical cords to our past, so we need energy healers to help cut those energetic cords.

Keith also got vulnerable here:

  • Loyalty to relationships that no longer serve has been a hard lesson over the years.
  • Keith has dealt with depression since he was a pre-teen.
  • He has also experienced a fair amount of trauma and loss in his life.
  • Keith’s family’s best friend was murdered in 2001.
  • Keith and his wife lost more than 10 loved ones in 2011.
  • Consistent self-reminders for positivity, self-care, etc
  • Being positive, making consistent positive decisions on a daily basis
  • Seeking and giving care is important to Keith.
  • Taking my own emotional pulse every day.”

Remember the importance of body language (eye contact, handshakes, etc) and embodying your confidence. Set your intention for how you want to show up; fake it til you make it. Dress in a way that makes you feel confident and powerful.

  • Be present, be authentic, be assertive.
  • Hang out with people who want to be with you and who build you up.
  • Preparation helps with feeling confident so that you can be more ad lib or off the cuff in the moment. You can use dress rehearsals for anything!
  • Build skills and accumulate knowledge; remember that just-in-time learning is perfectly fine in many circumstances.
  • Confidence and mastery come from being able to teach others about what you’re doing.
  • We need to recognize our privilege and the ways in which certain segments of the population need to work even harder to be seen positively, to be assertive, to be accepted, and to be seen as credible and worthy.

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