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Well, we just got back from the 2016 National Nurses in Business Association annual conference, and we had one heck of a time, folks! The community that surrounds the NNBA is thriving, growing, and on fire, and we connected with some amazing nurses and nurse entrepreneurs who are just awesome people.

RNFM Radio in Venice?

We offer immense praise for Michelle Podlesni, the President of the NNBA, and her wonderful family. They ran a tight ship with the help of the indomitable Renee Thompson; Renee provided all of the CEUs earned by attendees, and she was one of the anchors who held the space for this thoroughly enjoyable conference to take place and explode with positivity and enthusiasm.

Kevin shared during this episode that the “mindshare” and brain power in the conference room was off the hook and literally worth millions of dollars in terms of its value. And Elizabeth shared that people in the NNBA are “a take-action group of people!” By getting access to people with such great experience and skill, nurses can bounce ideas off of those who can give them validation or direction. Those deep conversations are so valuable and can really cut the learning curve significantly!

Nurses at the Rockhouse!

Meanwhile, we had some super fun times out on the town in Vegas! We wish you’d been there with us at the Rockhouse!

Spending time with old and new friends is one of the greatest aspects of a conference, and especially of the NNBA!

Will you come and party with us in Florida in 2017?

RNFM Radio in Vegas!

Here’s a list of the speakers and presenters at this year’s NNBA conference:

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Great podcast! It has me energized to sign up now for NNBA 2017. I can't wait to get a chance to meet everyone!