We’re Checking Your Emotional Intelligence with Jay Steven Levin, EPS 220


jay-steven-levinOn this episode of RNFM Radio, we welcome Jay Steven Levin, an Executive Coach and EQ coach who has personally coached more than 15,000 professionals across numerous industries. This is a fascinating and thought-provoking conversation that is not to be missed.

Keith had the pleasure of meeting Jay when they were both speaking on stage at the 2015 National Nurses in Business Association conference; in fact, the three of us will be meeting up with Jay at the 2016 NNBA conference. Keith also has had the privilege of working with Jay and undergoing his emotional intelligence and behavioral assessments, and he has been impressed and veritably blown away by Jay’s insights and abilities.

From a forest monastery to corporate boardrooms, Jay has worked worldwide to accelerate measurable personal, executive, and organizational performance improvement and success.

As a media, marketing and advertising President, COO, and VP, Jay has worked with many of the most powerful media, consumer, technology, and logistics brands on the planet. As a former Vistage Chair, Jay understands the issues business owners face on their path to success. His tools include powerful behavioral, motivational, skill, acumen, stress and EQ assessments; 360 feedback surveys, job benchmarking, talent to job mapping, leadership development, and succession planning.

Jay works with high achievers—whom he calls activist leaders—across 19 distinct area of intelligence to bring about better than desired outcomes. Please find Jay at JayStevenLevin.com, as well as on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jay says that we live in an era of unprecedented access to information, but we are feedback poor. We also live in a world of unimaginable connectivity, yet those platforms we’re addicted to can, at times, keep us from making authentic connections. Jay’s assessments allow an intimate view at the motivations and behaviors that inform why and how you do what you do, how you respond to others, how you’re perceived by others, and how you perceive others.

RNFM Radio sponsored by American Sentinel UniversityThis episode of RNFM Radio is sponsored by the good folks at American Sentinel University. As a fully accredited online university, American Sentinel offers a variety of courses related to healthcare and nursing, including RN to BSN, and five MSN programs: Informatics, Case Management, Nursing Education, Nursing Management, and Infection Prevention and Control. They offer an RN to BSN/MSN, a program, as well as two tracks for those wishing to pursue a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. American Sentinel also offers a certificate in Prevention and Control that assists clinicians in acquiring the knowledge they need to develop best practices for infection prevention and control. Please visit RNFMEducation.com for more information.


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