The Power of Podcasting, Part “Deux”, RNFM Radio EPS 217


On episode 217 of RNFM Radio, we dive into part two of two episodes regarding the power of podcasting for nurses and nurse entrepreneurs. In case you don’t already know, we’re all three offering a pre-conference workshop on the power of podcasting at the National Nurses in Business Association annual conference, October 14th to 16th in Las Vegas! Why not join us and learn the details of how to get started!? We know the ropes!

RNFM Radio

On a podcast, you’re reaching “the ears that need your mouth” (quoting Ms. Elizabeth Scala).

  • You can use a podcast to showcase your own authentic voice and genius.
  • What do you know? What are you good at? What are your comfortable talking about? What would you like to share with your audience? What inspires you?
  • Do you want to interview other people who are experts in their chosen fields of expertise?
  • Would you prefer to simply be solo on your podcast?
  • Who is your avatar? Who is your potential audience?
  • Getting started isn’t so hard.
  • A podcast can be launched from an iPhone using the native audio recording app on your iPhone and the headset/mic that comes with your device. (Those mics aren’t perfect in terms of audio quality, but they’ll do for getting started if you’re not overly concerned about audio quality at first.)
  • Podcast hosting isn’t prohibitively expensive: some free hosting sites exist; we use Libsyn, the host of choice for many professional podcasters.
  • Mics and headsets are also not that expensive; you can set up for less than $100; we use the Audio Technica ATR 2100 USB mic.
  • Feel free to launch a very low-stakes hobby podcast as a test.
  • Costs and sweat equity are relatively significant, but not prohibitive.
  • Learn from our mistakes and missteps!
  • Your podcast can be super short. Some shows out there are 7-10 minutes long; Keith’s show is 20 to 30 minutes, RNFM is about an hour, and Elizabeth’s is also a very reasonable length that’s less than an hour.
  • Sponsors and income: a fraction of podcasts are making lots of money; some are making a little bit; the potential for earning revenue will grow in the coming years. Banding together on podcast “networks” is a way to leverage the power and numbers of multiple podcasts in order to attract larger sponsors.
  • Consider the other forms of ROI that are not directly “financial” per se: customers, opportunities, etc.
  • Editing and producing: from grassroots radio to polished production—you can go totally DIY or you can hire someone to edit and produce for a reasonable cost. Editing the audio yourself can be fairly time-consuming if you want it to sound polished.
  • Reasons to podcast: showcase your expertise; have fun; get inspired and inspire others; drive potential customers to your business; create an online brand that you can share with potential employers, colleagues, etc.

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