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Michelle PodlesniOn this episode of RNFM Radio, we heartily welcome Michelle Podlesni, the President of the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) back to the show to discuss the upcoming #NNBA2016 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada! You can learn about business and entrepreneurship, have fun, and also earn CEUs!

This discussion first delved into the paradigm shift that nurses can embrace in order to enter the business and entrepreneurial worlds. We can feel overwhelmed by the notion of business planning, but the nursing process is actually a great platform from which to begin formulating a viable business plan.

The NNBA sprung to life in 1985 as a grassroots newsletter community in order to teach nurses the basic skills of business and entrepreneurship. Most nurses simply need basic business training and mentoring in order to launch a business venture; an MBA is not necessary (even though Ms. Elizabeth Scala has one!)

In short, a business basically offers a solution (a service and/or a product) for an identified problem that potential customers would be willing to pay for.

There are hobby businesses, of course, and there are also nurse-run businesses that are small, medium, large, and gigantic in scope and scale. Nurses can do whatever they want in this world, and the NNBA offers a platform for nurses to enter that world at whatever level of commitment they desire.


We’ve personally experienced the collective genius of the NNBA annual conference, which attracts nurse entrepreneurs from across the spectrum of nurse entrepreneurship.

Many nurses attend the NNBA before they’ve even launched a business; they come to the NNBA in order to gain knowledge, meet nurse leaders, and get inspired by what others are doing. Meanwhile, experienced nurse entrepreneurs come to the NNBA conference for inspiration, to catch up on their colleagues, and to gain knowledge about aspects of business that are new to them. Attendees can learn about blogging, launching physical products, creating a business plan, podcasting, content marketing, branding, social media, and so much more.

Louise Jakubik of The Nurse Mentoring Institute and NurseBuilders will be the keynote speaker, there will be over 18 individual presentations, as well as five pre-conferences (including an RNFM Radio pre-conference on the power of podcasting).

Michelle Podlesni is a USN Veteran, RN for over 30 years, and former corporate executive whose clinical background led to a career in healthcare information technology, medical cost-containment and software development. Michelle brought her service orientation, enthusiasm and diverse expertise to the corporate environment in roles from product development to C-level executive management positions. With a proven track record, in corporate and entrepreneurial settings, Michelle has led start-up companies to financial success, as well as their subsequent mergers and acquisitions, Michelle has directly managed the strategic, sales, operational and technical areas of start-up and emerging multi-million dollar companies serving Fortune 500 clients.

Michelle has been coaching managers, executives and nurses for the past 20 years. Her true passion for mentoring and helping others succeed in business has made her a sought after speaker, business coach and advisor and fueled her Amazon #1 best-selling book Unconventional Nurse: Going From Burnout to Bliss! In her current role as President of  the National Nurses in Business Association Michelle speaks nationally on Nurse Entrepreneurship to promote and advance nurses role in business.

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