Stop Falling Behind and Get Current, EPS 209


On episode 209 of RNFM Radio, we talk about staying current in the 21st-century flood of information and data. But how can we stay current with all of the information available to us? In this conversation, we get into a few ways that you can use to stay current with the needed information and resources to get done whatever it is you need to get done—and you’ll look cool too. 

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So, Google can really help you to stay current—as can the evening news—but filtering that information isn’t easy. We all use different tools to aggregate information and data; what do you use?

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Kevin is Elizabeth’s #1 source for information, as are blogs, online groups, podcasts, YouTube (for instructional videos), and just listening to RNFM Radio. (Elizabeth also filters Kevin pretty darn well, too!)

Elizabeth recommends:

  • Peer-reviewed journals, podcasts, blogs, articles
  • PubMed: One of the best sources for clinical information (and many journals are now putting their articles up for mass consumption without your needing a subscription)
  • Take advantage of the subscriptions owned by your organization or facility
  • The nursing and healthcare organizations that you belong to
  • Workplace or facility journal clubs, research groups, evidence-based practice groups, etc
  • RefWorks
  • Elizabeth’s mom is apparently the best source of current information in the universe. Call her!

Kevin likes:

  • Feedly: an online aggregator that you can use to organize and categorize feeds related to news, blogs, etc
  • Phandroid: a source for news related to the Android mobile app
  • Podcasts and blogs
  • Tony, Kevin’s alter ego/other half, who stands just outside his office window
  • Conferences and seminars
  • FlipBoard: Keith loves this news aggregator app as well.

Keith likes:

  • Hashtags: Hashtags are a great way to find trending topics and news
  • GoogleTrends: A great way to follow trending topics
  • Twitter: Keith still loves Twitter as a source for news and hot topics
  • Podcasts and blogs
  • Flipboard, Evernote, etc

So, remember, sometimes simple conversation with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, family members, and neighbors is often the best way to learn what you need to know (unless you have Elizabeth’s mother’s phone number).

RNFM Radio sponsored by American Sentinel UniversityThis episode of RNFM Radio is sponsored by the good folks at American Sentinel University. As a fully accredited online university, American Sentinel offers a variety of courses related to healthcare and nursing, including RN to BSN, and five MSN programs: Informatics, Case Management, Nursing Education, Nursing Management, and Infection Prevention and Control. They offer an RN to BSN/MSN, a program, as well as two tracks for those wishing to pursue a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. American Sentinel also offers a certificate in Prevention and Control that assists clinicians in acquiring the knowledge they need to develop best practices for infection prevention and control. Please visit for more information.

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