Dr. Mike Sevilla Blows Up RNFM Radio EPS 205


On episode 205 of RNFM Radio, we’re joined by an awesome physician named Dr. Mike Sevilla. Mike has been burning up social media, YouTube, and other online platforms for a decade or so, and he and Keith have crossed digital paths for years. This is a fun and laughter-filled episode, so strap yourself in and listen along!

Happy birthday @DrMikeSevilla RNFMRadio!Dr. Mike Sevilla is a Family Physician in Salem, Ohio and is a physician social media pioneer being actively online for a decade. His social media footprint includes Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms.

In addition to being a national speaker, Dr. Sevilla is also a member of the External Advisory Board for the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. Dr. Sevilla also holds the academic appointment of Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine at Northeast Ohio Medical University.



Here are some highlights from the conversation:

  • Physicians need to utilize social media; they just do.
  • Physicians need to be aware of their online professional reputation.
  • Dr. Sevilla utilizes social media for advocacy, as well as Primary Care and Family Medicine.
  • Physicians can learn to be personal online, showing all sides of one’s self to the world with authenticity.
  • On social media, you can choose to engage with people on a much deeper level, if you care to.
  • You can also use video and blog posts to build your practice, especially since savvy people seek medical providers using Google and other search engines.
  • You can build your business by building a powerful, authentic online footprint.
  • Social media allows you to showcase your expertise, receive invitations to speak, etc
  • For Dr. Mike, many new patients feel like they already know him from following him online, so by the time they walk into the exam room to meet him at their first visit, it’s like meeting a known entity and friend, not a stranger.
  • Hospitals that are not on social may be perceived as old-fashioned or disconnected by the public.
  • Weighing the risks of being transparent online as a medical provider is important to do.
  • You can positively influence patient behavior and lifestyle through your social media presence.
  • You can also influence public health, policy, and legislation through social media.
  • Educating other professionals is also a part of online activity by physicians and healthcare providers.
  • “Social media is a part of medical professionalism.”

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