Launching Your Speaking Career & Getting Paid for It, EPS 204


On episode 204, we all discuss the ins and outs of attending nursing conferences and seminars, as well as how to find the path to getting paid to speak at conferences yourself! In fact, we’re all actually in the same room, which is a fun experience, indeed; and if you heard episode 202, that was another episode recorded right in Kevin’s Colorado studio.

You can jump right into the pool of nurse entrepreneurs and speakers burning up stages throughout the world; you can also simply attend conferences where you can glean learning and inspiration from those who choose to jump up on that stage.

Everybody into the RNFM Radio pool!
Here are some highlights:

If you’re an expert at something, you can bill yourself as a speaker or presenter, offer your own virtual or in-person workshops and seminars, or even launch a podcast or YouTube channel.

Speaking can bring you income, opportunity, and a lot of fun (if public speaking happens to be your jam).

In her speaking career, Elizabeth chooses to only appear as a keynote speaker rather than being one in a “grab bag” of speakers at a conference; that’s her choice in terms of her business model. Meanwhile, Keith is building his speaking career and has no problem not being a keynote speaker, but he still chooses his opportunities carefully.

Kevin and Elizabeth offer sage advice about the business aspects of being a professional speaker, and this is important for those of you wanting to enter that space.


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