Something New Just For You, EPS 202


On this momentous episode of RNFM Radio, we’re all together in the same room for the first time. Can you believe it? We recorded episode 202 while actually looking at each other, which was simply amazing, folks! And we reveal how Elizabeth snacks up a storm when we’re recording!

Kevin & Elizabeth hard at work in BoulderWe were hanging out in Kevin’s house in Erie, Colorado for four days, working and playing and creating what will be the On The Pulse Academy, a new online learning community for healthcare entrepreneurs. It was fun, and a lot of sweat equity and skin in the game for the RNFM Radio/Pulse Media Group trifecta.

Scala hoops!

Keith and Kevin doin' the video

Kevin hoopin' it up

This brief but fun episode is about relationships and how important they are. From social media contacts to getting together in person with colleagues, there’s so much value in making connections and friends—you  never know what will happen! After all, look at us!

In this episode, we discuss some details of the forthcoming On The Pulse Academy, where you’ll be able to learn about healthcare and nursing entrepreneurship, including podcasting, blogging, social media, content marketing, and more.

Learn about tagging your contacts on LinkedIn, how Elizabeth eats jelly beans, that Keith has very limited range of motion in his neck, how Kevin is an amazing dad and husband, why Elizabeth can read Kevin’s mind, and why we like hanging out together on and off the mic!

You are amazing!

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