We Celebrate 200 Episodes! RNFM Radio EPS 200


Welcome to the show notes for the momentous 200th episode of RNFM Radio! Sound the trumpets! Roll the drums! Pass the adult beverages! We made it to our bicentennial!

200 episodes of RNFM Radio_In honor of Episode 200 and Nurses Week, 2016, here are some excellent giveaways for the RNFM Radio community. Please dive right in and win some prizes, folks!


If you’d like to nominate a fellow nurse by telling Fastaff the story of why they’re so amazing, go for it! If you and your nominee are chosen, you’ll each win a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card! Please click here and join the contest by elevating your colleague with a sincere nomination, and set you both up for winning an awesome prize! And feel free to share this link for others to take part: http://www.fastaff.com/nurses-week.


PRIZE #2: The good folks at DX Apparel are offering a full nursing uniform (in Navy, Grey, Teal, or  Black) and a base layer shirt (in black or white) to one man and one woman who serve society as nurses. We have the code for the two lucky winners, who simply need to tweet to @rnfmradio or use the #rnfmradio hashtag between May 6th and May 12th; the winners will be chosen at random! You can also leave us a voicemail from the SpeakPipe app on our Contact Us page. If you win, we’ll send you a coupon code to purchase your high-performance uniform at no cost to you!

DX Apparel says, “Our uniforms provide comfort and support. The DX design features just make sense. We know, because we work on the front lines with you. We at DX want Healthcare Pros to be ready.”

sugarwishPRIZE #3: If you don’t know about SugarWish yet, Kevin will rhapsodize about their service if you ask him to. A SugarWish gift begins as a simple ecard that you send to any recipient in almost any amount. The recipient then uses the coupon code in the ecard to order any candy they want from the SugarWish website, and it arrives in a lovely gift box addressed from you, the gift giver! From old school candy like Bit o’ Honey to the latest and greatest, it’s all there. We’ll be choosing random RNFM Radio fans from social media to receive a gift; you can also leave us a voicemail from the SpeakPipe app on our Contact Us page.

Nurse Keith cover

PRIZE #4: Keith will be sending a copy of his book, “Savvy Networking for Nurses: Getting Connected and Staying Connected in the 21st Century“, to several randomly chosen RNFM Radio fans hanging out on social media.

Nursing-From-WithinPRIZE #5: Elizabeth will also be sending a copy of her book, “Nursing From Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds”  to several randomly chosen RNFM Radio fans. However, for good ol’ Elizabeth, you need to post a photo to social media of you with your earbuds in, eyes closed, blissfully listening to RNFM Radio. Elizabeth’s not your average nurse, so we’re not surprised she wants you to go the extra mile to get your book!

You are amazing! We want to thank each and every one of you for listening to the podcast! Thanks for supporting the first 200 episodes!

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Thank you, RNFM Radio Community!