Are You Apologizing For Things You Shouldn’t Be? EPS 191


On episode 191 of RNFM Radio, Elizabeth and Kevin forge ahead while Keith is otherwise engaged with some family business in Texas. They tear it up, laugh a lot, share great value, and have some great fun, so don’t miss this one!

Nurse Keith RNFM Radio tattooOf note, Elizabeth noted that she still doesn’t have a handle on her new smart phone, and Kevin threatened to get Keith liquored up in Las Vegas this October so that he’ll submit to getting an RNFM Radio tattoo. Will it really happen, folks? Kevin and Elizabeth both have multiple tattoos, and they wonder if Keith will hop on the bandwagon and get tatted in honor of his commitment to RNFM. If he did, what part of his body would the tattoo go on? Kevin digressed even more about how his own tattoos almost prevented his wife from marrying him!

At any rate, Kev and Elizabeth talked about how nurses are prone to apologize for everything, including when they contact docs for orders and clarifications. Why do we feel the need to apologize for ourselves? We’re the boots on the ground and our questions matter!World with headphonesAnother subject paramount in this episode is the idea that we can actually practice self care all of the time, even as we’re working. Does that seem like unicorns and a pot of gold? Maybe, but it’s true! Mindset is crucial, and Elizabeth admits that she has the lyrics to “Stairway to Heaven” above her desk as a means to reminding herself of the many choices available to her each day of her life.


Positive ThinkingKevin shares that being positive in the workplace takes less energy than being negative, and he used to show up at Hopkins skipping onto the unit, ready to rock their faces off and have a great time while providing great care. He and Elizabeth also discuss gender differences and nurse relationships in the workplace, as well as the negotiation of workplace relationships. Don’t you wish you could work with Kevin or Elizabeth and connect with their infectious positive energy?

Since Elizabeth mentioned mirror neurons, here’s a Wikipedia post about it, and an interesting article about this amazing phenomenon.

This episode is chock full of fun, laughter, inspiration, and Kevin and Elizabeth’s awesome rapport. Keith is touched that he was named as Kevin and Elizabeth’s spirit guide; he’ll be back for episode 192—and consider getting that tattoo in Vegas!

Enjoy, folks!


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