So, Who’s Your Supervisor? EPS 189


On episode 189 of RNFM Radio, Kevin began the show by reading an interesting post from the NurseUp forum on Facebook. This post raises some very interesting questions:

I had an interesting experience this morning. I will keep you posted on what the outcome is. I just went onto the website to renew my oncology nursing certification and there was an employment verification section. I filled it out, but there was a catchyou couldn’t enter your own name as a supervisor. I am self-employed and I had no other choice. I called ONCC to ask what to do, and the answer the person on the phone gave was, “I’ll have to call the manager of certification, but she’s in a meeting; we’ve never had that question before.” I find it hard to believe that they’ve never had an oncology nurse who was self-employed renew their certification. I can’t wait to talk to this person. WOW! I can’t possibly be the only one…

I got a call back from the same person who didn’t have the answer at first. She said there have been others and they asked them to provide a job description. Interesting. I guess I’ll be writing up my job description…as CEO!

Nowhere on the ANA website are there resources for nurses in private practice or entrepreneurial ventures, but the AMA offers plenty of support for physicians who work on their own, including the AMA’s Steps Forward program for physician practice management.

nurses running in hallwayAnother issue that was raised during the show was if there are any nurses out there who are required to show actual clinical hours in order to renew their license.

Many of us need to document continuing education, but do any of us need to actually show clinical experience for renewal? Certifying bodies for nursing specialties require clinical hours in order to sit for certain exams; do they require clinical hours for certification renewal?






Kevin Ross tatMeanwhile, we digressed enough to establish that both Kevin and Elizabeth have tattoos and previously had pierced tongues (no photos available—sorry, folks!) It was also agreed that when the three of us attend The National Nurses in Business Association annual conference in October, there may be margaritas involved in a tattoo studio visit for us all to be branded with the RNFM Radio logo.




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