Episode 123: Sue Bock, Nurse and Motivational Coach


Sue Bock is a nurse, certified coach,  and the CEO and President of Courage to Adventure Coaching. Sue is the creator of life-changing services for professional women in stressful transitions, and she’s a graduate in coaching and leadership from one of the leading coaching schools in the world, The Coaches Training Institute.

Sue’s coaching and leadership services include clients from all over the world. As an Intensive Care Nurse, she has been coaching her patients for 20 years. She is a published blogger, writer, speaker, and breast cancer thriver. This is Sue’s 2nd appearance on RNFM Radio, and we welcome her back!

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I enjoyed Sue's perspective on nursing, burnout and the actions nurses can take to take back our lives again. It's easy to focus on the external problems contributing to the stress, frustration, and fatigue of nurses but it's more productive to focus on the actions we can take.  Good interview; thank you!