Episode 122: Cyrus Maaghul of PointNurse.com



PointNurse is building revolutionary virtual care products and services utilizing advanced video and communications technologies delivering at your fingertips access to curated health content, as well as experienced and qualified nursing and healthcare professionals.


Cyrus Maaghul is founder of PointNurse and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He was previously President of Buzztala.com, a mobile and web video search company based in NYC. He ran two successful Internet payment companies and helped launch a successful non-profit international affairs radio program. Mr. Maaghul also worked overseas in the UK and in the Middle East for the US Department of State.  He received his BA and MS in Psychology and Applied Mathematics from SUNY at Stony Brook and studied International Affairs at George Washington University. Cyrus enjoys travel, mentoring, practicing Bikram Yoga, cooking, film and music.


Cyrus’ favorite quote: “Live in the present moment.”www.pointnurse.com


You can reach Cyrus at cyrus@pointnurse.com