Nursing School Programs and the Demand for Nurses EPS 158


On episode 158, Keith and Kevin dig into news reports regarding job prospects for nurses, as well as for other healthcare professionals.

According to an article published on June 10th, 2015 by U.S. News and World Report, there is stiff competition for slots in community college nursing programs around the country. With a projected 19% growth in jobs for registered nurses over the next seven years, it is still questionable how many wannabe nursing students can actually gain entrance to an associate degree program.

Meanwhile, another article published by U.S. News on the same day described five of the 100 top healthcare-related occupations that offer entry-level jobs with an associates. These include:

  • #5 out of the top 100: Dental Hygienist (median salary $71,000)
  • #9 out of the top 100: Registered Nurse (median salary $66,000)
  • #12 out of the top 100: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (median salary $66,000)
  • #19 out of the top 100: Occupational Therapy Assistant (median salary $55,000)
  • #28 out of the top 100: Medical Equipment Repairer (median salary $44,000)

If you’d like to read about U.S. News and World Report’s predictions from January of 2015 regarding the 36 top healthcare jobs for this year, this article will elucidate those for you.

Overall, Keith and Kevin recommend due diligence when you are exploring a potential career path, training programs, or colleges and universities. It’s recommended to speak with experts in the field, current and former students, as well as those who have their finger on the pulse of the healthcare world.

We at RNFM Radio love the nursing profession, and we want talented, forward-thinking individuals to join our community of nurses. However, if your due diligence leads you on a path towards physical therapy, occupational therapy, or another healthcare specialty, we’re still quite thrilled for you. Healthcare is an interdisciplinary animal, and we welcome our brothers and sisters from all specialties and healthcare persuasions.

This episode is a fun and action-packed conversation between Kevin Ross and Keith Carlson, two stalwart nurses who only want the best for you. We think you’ll enjoy this episode, and we look forward to your comments and reflections.


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