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Elizabeth Scala

Keith is away at the #NNBA2015 conference this week, and we just want to give a shoutout to the value that you can find at these events and we’re excited to hear how everything went. That being said, Kevin and Elizabeth are together on the mics for this show, and we’ve got a question to answer from the community. We have to say that we always seem to have great engagement with everyone that reaches out here at #RNFMRADIO and thank goodness Elizabeth was here for this question.

So to preface, there was an episode on the Innovative Nurse Show, “Your Personal Relationships and Your Entrepreneurial Drive” where I talked about how your drive for success could impact your relationship with your partner, family, friends, etc., and the importance of keeping that communication flowing when you’re out there hustling on your business endeavor or career advancement. Anyway, we apparently had one of our community members here listen to that podcast, and after doing so, she wanted to get Elizabeth’s point of few on the matter. Hey, it’s great to have another perspective and definitely even better to get a woman’s point of view.

We did receive permission to bring this on the air, however we aren’t going to mention the individual by name as per request:

“Hi guys,

First I just want to say that I love the show. You three are amazing and your insights are so appreciated.

I wondered if Elizabeth might be able to offer some advice on the air if you all feel that this is something that would fit into the show. I did listen to Kevin’s podcast episode “Your personal relationships and your entrepreneurial drive” and found it very helpful, but I wanted to see if I could also get a woman’s point of view on balancing that side hustle that Kevin’s always talking about, and being able to maintain a healthy relationship in my marriage.

I do feel that my marriage is strong however I’ve been feeling an internal pull to get my own side hustle going in addition to my clinical job and I know that not only will some of the household duties fall back onto my husband, but I also anticipate not having a lot of free time to spend with him.

Elizabeth, what are your thoughts on this and how do you make it work?

A devoted listener,


Spoiler alert: she handles it brilliantly and I’m just humbled to have been here first hand to witness it.

We also wanted to mention (going back to the conference topic) that all three of us have given talks on the power of social media regarding your personal brand, and this is a tip of the hat to our millennial audience that may be using social media as a primary means of communication. That’s right nurses, times are changing and even though we may be holding onto what we feel is a primary means of communication in the “traditional” sense, it seems that tradition is evolving. Elizabeth’s post, “The Face of Nursing Evolves: What We Can Learn From Nurse Millennials” is right on, and we’d love to know what you think, so hit us up under #RNFMRADIO or in the comments section below.



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