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Logo_NNBA_FINAL_TAGLINEOn episode 172, Keith, Kevin, and Elizabeth discuss Keith’s recent weekend at the annual conference of the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) in Las Vegas, Elizabeth’s weekend seminar with her business coach, and the ways in which nurses can leverage their experience and skills in the entrepreneurial space.

Keith had a fantastic time at the NNBA conference, and if you’d like to see the online conversation that occurred around that powerful event, check out the #NNBA2015 hashtag on Twitter and the plethora of tweets, photos, and links shared on that platform.


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Brittney Wilson, Donna Cardillo, Renee Thompson, & Keith


This was the 30th anniversary of the NNBA, and Michelle Podlesni, the NNBA President since 2014, knocked this conference out of the park along with her intrepid husband, Lou. To read about the conference and to download some of the speakers’ PowerPoints and resources, check out this page on the organization’s website. The 2016 NNBA conference will be held October 14-16, 2016; please make sure to keep your ears open for the location, which will be announced soon. (We recommend signing up for the NNBA mailing list at



According to Laura Gasparis VonFrolio, one of the keynote speakers this year, nurse entrepreneurs need several traits:

  • An aptitude for spotting and seizing opportunities
  • A fierce drive, energy, and tenacity
  • Enthusiasm bordering on the delusional
  • A knack for viewing setbacks as opportunities

Some nurses want small streams of additional income, some want to create seven-figure businesses, and some simply want to serve a new population in a fresh, new way, perhaps not at the bedside. Elizabeth mentioned the notion of “rivers Nurse Keith coverof revenue”, and it was agreed that nurses can choose to create various streams of income in many different forms, depending on their goals and predilections.

Meanwhile, Keith launched his new book at the conference, and it was a big hit. “Savvy Networking for Nurses: Getting Connected and Staying Connected in the 21st Century” is pretty much a must-have for every professional nurse interested in taking their career to the next level!

Finally, it was decided that the RNFM Radio trio need to hit the road across America next fall in a rented RV/tour bus on their way to NNBA 2016, bringing their brand of authentic networking, zany humor, and the joys and travails of nurse entrepreneurship to the masses along the highways and biways of the USA. Is it possible?

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