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On episode 181 of RNFM Radio, join Keith and Kevin for a fun conversation about content creation for both clinical nurses and nurse entrepreneurs. With Elizabeth absent, Keith and Kevin are like two thorns without their rose, but never fear, she’ll be back!

Speaking of thorns, Keith mentions the goathead thorns that grow all over the land around his home; meanwhile, our intrepid hosts deftly relate the notion of thorns to the world of content creation for nurses. Imagine that!

Content Creation Is For Clinicians, Too!

Content creation is not something just for nurse entrepreneurs. Nurses who aren’t business owners are indeed the CEOs of their own brands and careers, and creating content to support your personal/professional brand is smart, savvy, and important.

LinkedIn-Logo-02As a nurse who isn’t a businessperson, LinkedIn is a great ready-made platform where you can create content without having to launch your own blog or WordPress site. Let’s say you’re a CCU nurse who wants to move into management and leadership. If you create articles/posts on LinkedIn that showcase your forward thinking and cutting-edge nurse leadership expertise, you can share that content with other professionals who may have influence over the development and expansion of your career. You may also simply enjoy writing about the stuff you know and have expertise in, and receiving comments, accolades, and other feedback from other nurses who care about the same things.

LinkedIn now has over 400 million global users; this article will share some other amazing stats about the state of LinkedIn in 2015. So, writing on that platform is a no-brainer in terms of reaching a global audience of other professionals. And if you want to start your own blog, WordPress, Blogger, and other platforms are great places to strut your stuff.

For those in education and research, it’s totally cool to be published in journal articles and periodicals within the nurse literature canon, but creating your own less formal content is another avenue to putting your own knowledge on the line and sharing it with others.

We’re all creating a digital library of knowledge for other nurses, healthcare professionals, and even laypeople, and being part of that movement can be exciting and fun.

Nurses in Business

As a nurse entrepreneur, your business’ website needs an active blog, links to your active social media platforms, and social share buttons on your blog posts so that readers can share your awesome content with their friends and networks.

Depositphotos_6868648_l-2015In this episode, Keith shares the story of a fictional concierge home health nursing practice in Albany, NY,  and how the creation of content and social media content is essential for that business to be viable. Keith  and Kevin discuss a fictional case study of how that business is found by a client in need, and the ways in which social media posts and original content on that company’s website/blog is key to that calculation.

And if you’re worried about giving away too much amazing content for free, check out episode 135 of The Fizzle Show, one of Keith’s and Kevin’s favorite business/entrepreneurship podcasts.

So, as a nurse entrepreneur or nurse business owner, not engaging in social media is like having a table with a few legs missing.

Content, Content, Content

Whether you’re a clinical nurse, nurse educator, researcher, or entrepreneur and business owner, content is king. You can write blog posts on LinkedIn, launch a blog as a nurse who just has something to say, or you can create a blog that supports your business or your career aspirations.

Content is king, and savvy nurses know that its creation can be central to professional success and satisfaction.


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Deneene Shipanga
Deneene Shipanga

Awesome! I am RN/Owner of boutique home health care/private duty nursing services in the Philadelphia/suburban area.. Truly appreciate any tips on marketing to grow my client base.

Thank you!