Camille Adair: Hospice Nurse, Filmmaker and Healthcare Visionary


Camille Adair, a hospice expert, inspired filmmaker and healthcare visionary will be our guest on RN.FM Radio on Monday, April 1st at 9pm EST. Camille will be sharing her gifts and wisdom with us, and this is a show not to be missed!

Hospice and Filmmaking

From her work in hospice in the Pacific Northwest and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Camille has gleaned many lessons from her contact with patients, families and professional caregivers who work with the dying. Out of those experiences, her film “Solace: Wisdom of the Dying” was born, and its emotional depth and vision are something to behold. This is a film that brings great meaning to the dying process and to the work of hospice professionals, and we greatly encourage our listeners to order a copy (or request that your local library or hospice organization do so). During the course of the show, we’ll play a few audio excerpts from the film, but there’s no substitute for the visual beauty of this work of cinematic art.


If you would like to explore the “Solace Teachings”, there is a series of  trailers on YouTube which you may find very inspiring and informative.


Aside from her work in hospice and the “green hospice movement”, Camille will also discuss and explain her new initiative, one that is born of her vision for a healthier, more sustainable healthcare industry.

FairCare” is Camille’s brainchild, and it is a certification program that will prove to be the healthcare version of “Fair Trade“. (For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, Fair Trade is a voluntary certification process that producers of items such as chocolate, coffee and flowers choose to undergo in order to certify that the people involved in the development of their products are treated and paid fairly, and that the environmental impact of their products’ creation is mitigated to the highest extent possible.)

With FairCare, healthcare facilities will participate in trainings in Emotional Intelligence, as well as sustainable environmental and staffing practices that help to assure that the “triple bottom line” (people, planet and prosperity) is honored and held as a gold standard of conduct and business.

With a pilot program launched in Santa Fe, New Mexico and an active advisory board eager to embark on this adventure in sustainable healthcare, Ms. Adair is poised to launch FairCare in 2013, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to RN.FM Radio on April 1st. Please join us live, listen to the archived show or podcast, and visit Camille’s website for more information about this inspiring healthcare visionary.

Here’s to sustainability in healthcare!


The beauty of Camille's Documentary is the beauty in it!  Her images of those who are living until they make their transitions are so different from those we have become used to seeing in our media. There's a serenity and peace we would hope any of us would be able to reach before we go on.  I thought this was wonderful.