Biz School For Nurses!


Please enjoy this guest post by Erica Leach, RN, CLNC, a recent guest on RN.FM Radio. Erica is an expert mentor to nurse entrepreneurs and the mastermind behind the Nurses ROC Network. You can hear her interview on RN.FM by clicking here.

Today is the day that you uncover a huge secret to your business success. That’s right we have exactly what you need to grow your business and create a super sized life in the process.

The Biz-School for Nurses™! 

We have a video for you that will explain in more detail how the BSN program is structured. You will learn exactly what the program offers and how this will help you grow your business to the level that you want and deserve. Just go to:

In addition to the video just as I promised, I am formally introducing you to the Product Tour of the Biz-School for Nurses™ online business training and mentoring program. Please email us at so that we may email you the Tour.

We are very proud of our training program because we have packaged the necessary strategies and practical business principles that you need to create your thriving legal nurse consulting practice or any nursing business. We are excited to share the tested and proven tools and tactics that we have learned over the last 20 years.

The strategies and principles offered in this course are the same exact strategies I used that elevated my yearly income over 300% by my second year alone!

Nurses Roc

If you’re ready to take charge of your future, and use your nursing business as a profitable vehicle to express your gifts and make a difference in the world, I’d be honored to help you make it happen.

We have a full “Product Tour” that details everything from course work to schedule to investment. If you are interested in receiving the Tour, email me at

Our open enrollment will begin VERY soon! We will let you know when the doors will open. If you have not already, please notify us if you are super interested by sending us an email to Check out our Biz-School website at

We’re committed to delivering value and making a difference to you, in every way we can. We look forward to serving you and helping you to create a successful business and life you love!