Biz School for Nurses Open Enrollment


Please enjoy another guest post and special offer from our friend Erica Leach of the Nurses ROC Network!

Open enrollment for the first online business training and mentoring program for nurse entrepreneurs is HERE! You have until Sunday, June 2, 2013 at midnight before enrollment closes. We are so excited to invite all legal nurse consultants and all nurses in business to our Biz-School for Nurses™ program.

If you have gotten trained for legal nurse consulting, health and wellness coaching, a jewelry business or any business and are not making the profits you want and deserve, this program is for you. If you are a nurse that is just trying to get your business up and running and find yourself frustrated with the business part of increasing your success, then the Biz-School for Nurses™ is for you. If you want to quite your nursing job, be in control of your life and make money now, don’t wait. This program has been designed with you nurses in mind.

We have packaged timeless principles along with “out of the box” strategies to help you grow and profit from your nursing business. These are things you did not and will not learn in your typical training program. Most programs for your chosen industry are focused on just that. The business you choose to start, and the ins and outs of it. But learning about your chosen industry and not receiving true, powerful business building techniques will cause you business to suffer. I know you don’t want that! You MUST learn the critical business building components to growing a profitable and successful business.

Think about it. When you were in nursing school, you learned through reading, studying, writing care plans, practicing on “dummies,” etc., When you were in clinicals you may have gotten lucky to actually do a few things with a “live” patient. This was safe though because your preceptor was right there or at least close by. But when you graduated and started your first nursing job didn’t you feel unprepared? Weren’t you afraid? Didn’t you have to ask for help? Were you faced with a challenging act that you never covered in nursing school? I believe the answer to most of these questions will be “yes.” You learned nursing, but not the real world till ya got out there. Made your mistakes and had your “ah-ha” moments. For some, that was a bad learning curve. But with the Biz-School for Nurses™, we are your real world experience. We are going to lessen your bad or costly mistakes. We will guide you down the real world path to success. We are going to give you what your original training failed to. You can’t win a war with a few men or without being armed. You gotta have it all. You gotta be armed, have your team and get ready to win. The Biz-School™ will arm and prepare you with everything you need to grow and succeed in your personal and business life.

The Biz-School for Nurses™ program has been created to take your knowledge of your chosen industry, teach you everything you need to know about business and provide you support from experts. We will show you how to blend all of this together and create a big bang explosion in your business. Our program along with your action will enhance your business, avoid costly and ongoing mistakes and allow you to start making money right away.

Keep in mind, not only will you receive 8 weeks of online training with weekly mastermind calls, but you get 8 weeks of one on mentoring to pull everything together. We will hold your hand as you walk down this path to increased profits and success.

We have 6 online modules that will help you master your profits, your website, marketing, list building, communication and how to sell the mess out of all of your products and services you choose to offer. We even help you set a powerful fee schedule and price list to your customers in confidence, even if you are just starting out!

In the Biz-School for Nurses™, we pride ourselves in the ability to transform nurses into entrepreneurs. We encourage you to act like a nurse and teach you how to think like an entrepreneur. This will give you the competitive edge in your industry and cause your business and yourself to flourish.

So don’t delay. We are holding a fabulous 20% discount to anyone who registers by 5:00 p.m., est. this Friday, May 31st, 2013.

I promise that’s a cool deal once you see everything you will get in our program. Not to mention we all know the importance of investing in ourselves and our business in order to grow.

Today, check out all of our informative videos that will explain the Biz-School for Nurses and how it will benefit you. Go to

We have also created a juicy product tour with all of the details including common questions and answers in a PDF format. If you’re interested in receiving this please email us at We will get that to your email within 24 hours.

After reviewing all of this information, we hope that you consider yourself and your business first. Once you do, we hope you allow us to help transform your business and your world.

Erica Leach, RN, CLNC, Nurse Expert