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Daisy Magalit Rodriguez, RN, MN,MPA is a registered nurse, an educator, and the author of “The Balance Concept in Health and Nursing: A Universal Approach to Care and Survival“, a new nursing book published in 2014.

Daisy began her career after graduating from the University of the Philippines with her basic nursing degree and a Master’s Degree in Nursing, and practiced as a clinical nurse in the United States beginning in 1972. She then completed a second masters degree in Public Administration/Health Services from the University of San Francisco, California.

Ms. Rodriguez subsequently worked her way up the ranks, becoming a nursing supervisor in four major acute hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to her retirement from bedside nursing in 2012, she spent five years serving as a nurse educator. She is active as a leader in various professional Filipino nursing organizations and community organizations, earning the recognition as “Educator of the Year” in 2011 from the Philippine Nurses Association of America. Daisy was named to “One Hundred Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S.” in 2009 by the Filipina Women’s Network. She is on the Advisory board of the University of San Francisco Alumni in Nursing and Health Professions.

Daisy had a dream of writing a book, focusing on balance as a concept. She believes that balance underlies human survival, and it’s critical in our careers, our personal lives, our health, etc.

Balance is universal and enables human beings to survive, and our behavior is the key that unlocks the five elements that Daisy has identified:

  • adaptation
  • equilibrium
  • homeostasis
  • needs
  • health

In the course of our conversation, we ranged from the subjects of nurses and their wellness, to organizational balance, relationships between nurses and administration, and how our behaviors impact patient outcomes. Each side has an obligation to contribute to the process. Clinical nurses can work with administration to achieve stated goals, including joining committees and working groups. Meanwhile, a model of nursing department self-governance was also broached by Daisy, and this is a concept that deeply intrigues us.

To purchase “The Balance Concept in Health and Nursing“, please click here.

Daisy is very open to hearing from her readers, and you can contact her at and



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