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We know you’ve probably seen some pretty inspiring things on the Internet. Heck, they’re all over our feeds these days, but are affirmations actually helping us be better, stronger, faster, (fill in the blank)? Affirmations can certainly help us feel motivated, but it’s our ability to actually mobilize on this inspiration to achieve those goals. In today’s episode we discuss how affirmations may be holding you back, but ultimately we want to share what we think are some steps to help us get the most out of these words of encouragement.


Our commitment to the end result

So first, we must be in a committed relationship with what it is that we actually want. What are we actually trying to achieve? Of course wanting something doesn’t actually get you committed to the end result, and we also need to think about this in smaller actionable steps. Oh, and you should be writing down what you want so as to better visualize your commitment while also including the why.

Okay, so you have your want and your why, but what are you actually going to do to get there? Yes, you actually have to do something, an action or rather a set of action steps to move forward. Scrolling through these affirmations in your social feeds just isn’t enough.


Let’s get clear

This may not seem obvious right out of the gate, but as you’re trying to move forward in achieving your goals you’ll start to realize that you need to get really clear on the specifics of what you want. If you leap off the line with:

“I want to be rich!”

Well, ask yourself what that actually means to you. Are we talking money, health, happiness, or all of the above? Let’s get a little more granular and if you’re talking about money, then what is a realistic expectation that you can set for yourself? Better yet, what clear action steps can you take to get there?

We’re not saying to not aim for the stars, however to start off by saying you want to be a millionaire in the next six months may not be realistic. Rather you could start by saying, “I currently make $50,000 a year in my current business or career, and I am committed to increasing my earning potential by 30% in the next six months.”

Then, by creating that clear goal the next actionable steps should include the specifics on how you’re going to get there.

  • I’m going to meet these objectives (whatever they are) to get a promotion.
  • I’m going to spend the next month researching other subspecialty areas that may offer an increase in salary.
  • I’ll go back to my previous clients I’ve helped to see if they need any additional support.
  • I’ll start building an online program that shares my expertise with potential clients.
  • I’ll start building that email list on my site so that I can keep my audience in the loop on helpful tips and further program offerings.


You might be clear in your head, so let’s say it out loud

Uphill climb-As Elizabeth Scala so eloquently puts it, you’ve got to recite these affirmations out loud. You might feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, so let yourself know you’re committed by saying these affirmations for the world to hear. Well, you don’t actually have to shout it from the rooftops, but just like writing your goals down the commitment actually grows when you hear yourself say them each day. Think of it as a morning, midday, or evening mantra to help you re-focus your energy toward achieving those goals.

What’s written down on a piece of paper or typed on a screen can actually lack the needed emotion to inspire. By infusing those emotions through your voice and stating these thoughts with excitement and determination will just feel more authentic.

Be consistent and schedule that time and start reciting.

Yes, it’s more than acceptable to evolve

You’re in growth mode here, so as you evolve, your affirmations will likely need to evolve with you. Whether you’re continuing to level up because of your growth, or you’re actually plateauing and you need to pivot to better meet your current goals, changing your mindset or your approach can greatly help you re-align your focus. This can also help you become less discouraged. Many folks end up quitting part way through their actions because they feel the goal is too overwhelming, their interests change, or some other life event causes them to hit a few bumps along the way. Whatever it is try to gather a new perspective and pivot your thinking or approach.


Are you taking actionable steps and if so, how are things going for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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