A Second Scrubs Magazine Extravaganza!


On September 9th, 2013, RN.FM Radio was pleased to welcome back members of the Scrubs Magazine team to our virtual studio for our second “Scrubs Magazine Extravaganza”.

We were joined by Mary Duffy, the Executive Editor of the print magazine; Habibo Haji, a gifted nurse writer; and Stacy Nigliazzo, a talented published poet (who, by the way, will return to RN.FM Radio on October 28th  for our “Clinician Poet Roundtable”.

Mary Duffy

Ms. Duffy (whose publishing pedigree includes Self, Elle, the New York Times and more), waxed poetic (pun intended) about the plethora of talented nurse writers whose work graces the pages—both digital and actual—of Scrubs Magazine, and she described how some writers—including Stacy and Habibo—came to write for this premier lifestyle magazine for nurses.

Habibo Haji

When it comes to Habibo Haji, her life story borders on the cinematic. As a refugee from Somalia, Habibo lived for a number of years in the largest refugee camp in the world, eventually coming to America with no knowledge of either the English language or American culture.

Habibo’s book,  Conquering the Odds: Journey of a Shepherd Girl, is available on Amazon, and we highly recommend reading the story of this courageous woman’s inspiring life.

Habibo has used her experience as a refugee to bring cultural sensitivity and awareness to medicine and nursing, and we have no doubt she will continue to impact many healthcare professionals. In fact, she is the featured nurse in the current issue of Scrubs!

Stacy Nigliazzo

Stacy Nigliazzo is a widely published nurse poet, and her most recent book of poems, Scissored Moon, was released by Press 53 Publishers, and she reviews poems that are submitted for consideration to the Bellevue Literary Review and other important publications. You can purchase Scissored Moon here.

During the broadcast, Stacy encouraged nurses to write their stories, submit them, and allow their muse to flourish. She is an outspoken champion of nurse writers, and obviously believes that nurses’ stories carry a cultural significance that deserves attention. Stacy also read an amazing and moving poem, and we highly recommend that you listen to the broadcast to hear her read it. It’s a poem for nurses, about nurses, and deftly illustrates the depth and breadth of nurses’ collective experience.

Scrubs and RN.FM Radio

The ongoing partnership between Scrubs Magazine and RN.FM Radio will only continue to deepen and flourish as we continue to welcome members of the Scrubs team to our virtual airwaves several times each year.

We hear rumors that RN.FM Radio will be featured in Scrubs in the spring 2014 issue. Since Scrubs generally features attractive women on their cover, we’ve let the editors know that we clean up pretty nicely when needed, but having two nurse dudes on the cover may be more than they bargained for!

At any rate, we feel deep appreciation for the folks at Scrubs and look forward to a great many more extravanganzas as our relationship grows and matures.