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My public support for Amanda Trujillo

Friend and colleague, Jennifer Olin, a writer at, asked what made me choose to support Amanda Trujillo publicly and put my name and reputation on the line for her. Below is my response: I chose to publicly speak out on behalf of Amanda Trujillo, because Amanda’s case is really not about her at all.…

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Nurse Author: The Networks Created the “DocNurse”

Guest Post by New York Times #1 Bestselling Author and Registered Nurse, Carol Gino Okay, so after about 10 hours stiffening into stone sitting in front of a computer screen, I finally decided to get up and move inside, away from reading anything about healthcare. I want light, mindless entertainment. So I flop down on…

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Self-Publishing Made Easy for Nurse Entrepreneurs

By Anna Morrison¬† Thinking about finally putting all of your killer nursing stories into a book? Think no more. It has become easier for nurses (and anyone with a message) to share it with the world than ever before. Self-publishing technology has literally leveled the playing field. No more facing rejections from traditional book publishers.…

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