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Nurse podcasters take American by storm

The Power of Podcasting, Part 1, RNFM Radio EPS 216

By Keith Carlson | Aug 23, 2016

On episode 216 of RNFM Radio, we dive into part one of two episodes regarding the power of podcasting for nurses and nurse entrepreneurs. In case you don’t already know, we’re all three offering a pre-conference workshop on the power of podcasting at the National Nurses in Business Association annual conference, October 14th to 16th…

Customer Service Matters!

We’re Here For You, Customer! EPS 215

By Keith Carlson | Aug 18, 2016

On episode 215 of RNFM Radio, Elizabeth and Kevin discuss elevating your customer service to the next level. Keith is once again en absentia; but don’t cry, Kevin and Elizabeth are on it!Clients/customers are a source of revenue and payment, but you don’t want to try to close the deal too early. First, you and…

Got money, nurses?

Is It Time to Start Saving? EPS 214

By Keith Carlson | Aug 10, 2016

On this episode of RNFM Radio, Kevin and Elizabeth talk all about money. Yes, that’s right; money. With Keith not present, this dynamic duo dig into the finances here, and they want to motivate and inspire you to get straight with money. Here are some thoughts and resources covered by Kevin and Elizabeth during episode…

#NNBA2016 Rocks the RNFM Radio House, EPS 213

By Keith Carlson | Aug 2, 2016

On this episode of RNFM Radio, we heartily welcome Michelle Podlesni, the President of the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) back to the show to discuss the upcoming #NNBA2016 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada! You can learn about business and entrepreneurship, have fun, and also earn CEUs! This discussion first delved into the paradigm…

Brittany Stone

#Nurselyfe on RNFM Radio, Episode 212

By Keith Carlson | Jul 27, 2016

On this episode of RNFM Radio, we welcome Brittany Stone, the nursing personality behind the Nurselyfe nursing blog. Brittany has been a Registered Nurse for five years and is currently in graduate school with the goal of becoming an acute care nurse practitioner. On Nurselyfe, she blends her knowledge about the graduate school experience, nursing,…

What makes you unique?

Apply Your Uniqueness in Your Business and Career, Episode 211

By Keith Carlson | Jul 20, 2016

Putting your own unique spin into everything you do is what helps you differentiate yourself from others. This may seem like an obvious statement, but if you ask yourself if you’re truly adding your own flavor to what you do day-to-day and are actually doing it your way, could you honestly say yes? You’ll notice…

Partnership is Key

All’s Fair in Love and Business: Partnerships EPS 210

By Keith Carlson | Jul 13, 2016

On episode 210 of RNFM Radio, Kevin and Elizabeth talk all about business partnerships (Keith is en absentia on this one). You’ll note that Kevin’s doing more and more singing on the show; is it as awful as he thinks? He even owns up to some of his weaknesses; listen up, folks! Integrity: This is…

Stay current with RNFM Radio

Stop Falling Behind and Get Current, EPS 209

By Keith Carlson | Jul 6, 2016

On episode 209 of RNFM Radio, we talk about staying current in the 21st-century flood of information and data. But how can we stay current with all of the information available to us? In this conversation, we get into a few ways that you can use to stay current with the needed information and resources…

Are you putting a stake in the ground?

Get Over the Commitment Issues and Put A Stake in the Ground, RNFM Radio EPS 208

By Keith Carlson | Jun 30, 2016

On this episode of RNFM Radio, we learn that Elizabeth is hungry, waiting in front of the mic for her husband to deliver her a shrimp salad sandwich during the show. We also learn that Elizabeth does a terrible Australian accent, Kevin loves steak, and there’s a great deal of silliness going on in the…

Dr. Susan Strauss

Transgender Equality with Dr. Susan Strauss, EPS 207

By Keith Carlson | Jun 21, 2016

On episode 207 of RNFM Radio, Keith flies solo, speaking at length about transgender health issues with Dr. Susan Strauss, RN, ED.D, an old friend and previous guest on the show. This episode was recorded three days after the shocking mass shooting in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub; due to uncanny serendipity, we were already…

Are you ready to SWOT with RNFM Radio??

Don’t Let It Sting You! Let’s Talk SWOT to Move Forward, EPS 206

By Keith Carlson | Jun 15, 2016

Here on RNFM Radio’s 206th episode, Kevin begins by regaling us first with a detailed, thoughtful response to a listener question related to episode 204, which focused on building a career as a professional speaker. Meanwhile, back at the issue at hand, today’s show is all about conducting a SWOT analysis of your life, career,…

Happy birthday @DrMikeSevilla RNFMRadio!

Dr. Mike Sevilla Blows Up RNFM Radio EPS 205

By Keith Carlson | Jun 7, 2016

On episode 205 of RNFM Radio, we’re joined by an awesome physician named Dr. Mike Sevilla. Mike has been burning up social media, YouTube, and other online platforms for a decade or so, and he and Keith have crossed digital paths for years. This is a fun and laughter-filled episode, so strap yourself in and…