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Sarah Santacroce, Personal Branding Expert, Episode 133

By Keith Carlson | Nov 19, 2014

RNFM Radio is pleased to welcome back Sarah Santacroce for her second appearance on our show! Sarah helps small business owners and solopreneurs find their place in today’s online world. She teaches her clients how to increase their online visibility so that they can quit chasing clients and get found; how to tap into the…

Roxanna, Nurse Turned Vocalist and Performer, Episode 132

By Keith Carlson | Nov 18, 2014

This inspiring pre-recorded podcast features Roxanna, a nurse turned singer/songwriter who is currently burning up the charts and making waves in the music industry. Her conversation with Kevin and Keith reveals Roxanna’s beliefs about the healing power of music, the adventure of pursuing one’s dreams, and the excitement of turning one’s passion into a life’s…

Dr. Andrew Lustig of Global Outreach Doctors, Episode 131

By Keith Carlson | Nov 14, 2014

This pre-recorded #RNFMRADIO podcast features Andrew Lustig, ND, the Founder and CEO of Global Outreach Doctors, an organization that provides rescue, medicine and communications to areas of immediate need around the globe. Dr. Andrew Lustig is a world wide humanitarian Naturopathic Doctor and works in the Emergency Department at Christus St. Vincents Regional Medical Center,…

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Mary Rives and Sally Fox of Nurses Speak, Episode 130

By Keith Carlson | Nov 1, 2014

Nurses Speak is an in-person workshop opportunity for nurses to share their personal and professional stories from the art and science of nursing. Utilizing the “StoryHealers” process developed by Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, Santa Fe’s internationally renown solo performance coach, Nurses Speak is a transformational five-day experience. “Everyone has stories, but nurses have more than most.”…

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Infusion Nursing Roundtable, Episode 129

By Keith Carlson | Oct 30, 2014

This episode of RNFM Radio features four acknowledged leaders within the specialty of infusion nursing. For nurses interested in this growing area of specialty practice, this rich conversation is essential to understanding the state of infusion nursing in the 21st century. This episode features: Ann Earheart, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, CRNI Ann Earhart is the current…

LGBTQ Issues in Healthcare With Dr. Susan Strauss: Episode 128

By Keith Carlson | Oct 25, 2014

Dr. Susan Strauss RN Ed.D has worked as a registered nurse (RN) in the operating room, pediatrics, medical-surgical, psychiatry, and public health. She is a seasoned health educator working with a variety of community, education, and professional groups. She has also been the director of healthcare quality improvement, director of education and development, and held…

Sharon Weinstein, Work-Life Balance Expert, Episode 127

By Keith Carlson | Oct 12, 2014

Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, RN, CRNI, FACW, FAAN is passionate about living longer and living well. Sharon’s name is synonymous with work-life balance. As a thought leader, she uses her nursing platform to educate others, enrich their lives, and empower them to achieve balance in their own lives. She is a prolific speaker and trainer!…

Cora Vizcarra, Infusion Nurse Specialist: Episode 126

By Keith Carlson | Sep 18, 2014

Cora Vizcarra MBA, RN, CRNI, VA-BC is an infusion nurse consultant and founder/president of a privately owned healthcare consulting and education corporation. She has more than 25 years of healthcare experience in both the hospital and alternative healthcare settings. She is experienced in insertion and management of various vascular access devices as well as administration…

Episode 125: Betty Noyes of Noyes & Associates Ltd.

By Keith Carlson | Sep 17, 2014

Betty Noyes is President of Noyes & Associates Ltd. which she founded in 1989. The emphasis of Noyes & Associates Ltd. is the integration of mission with leadership performance and the belief that Excellence in Patient Care and Excellence in Financial Return are mutually interdependent! Prior to this she has had a 35 years of…

Episode 124: Margaret Hawke, Nurse Author

By Keith Carlson | Sep 17, 2014

Margaret Hawke’s nursing career encompassed all aspects of elder care. She began as a staff nurse, then as a director of nursing, a nursing home administrator, and consultant. She was also a contributing writer for Nurse.com, formerly known as Nursing Spectrum, a Gannett syndicated magazine for nurses from 1992 through 2006. She wrote feature articles…

Episode 123: Sue Bock, Nurse and Motivational Coach

By Keith Carlson | Aug 14, 2014

Sue Bock is a nurse, certified coach,  and the CEO and President of Courage to Adventure Coaching. Sue is the creator of life-changing services for professional women in stressful transitions, and she’s a graduate in coaching and leadership from one of the leading coaching schools in the world, The Coaches Training Institute. Sue’s coaching and…

Episode 122: Cyrus Maaghul of PointNurse.com

By Keith Carlson | Aug 6, 2014

PointNurse is building revolutionary virtual care products and services utilizing advanced video and communications technologies delivering at your fingertips access to curated health content, as well as experienced and qualified nursing and healthcare professionals.   Cyrus Maaghul is founder of PointNurse and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He was previously President of Buzztala.com, a mobile and web…