Dr. Andrew Lustig of Global Outreach Doctors, Episode 131


This pre-recorded #RNFMRADIO podcast features Andrew Lustig, ND, the Founder and CEO of Global Outreach Doctors, an organization that provides rescue, medicine and communications to areas of immediate need around the globe.

Dr. Andrew Lustig is a world wide humanitarian Naturopathic Doctor and works in the Emergency Department at Christus St. Vincents Regional Medical Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico as a EMT-I.


Andrew has provided medical care on ambulance services in Santa Fe, NM and Newtown, CT. For the past ten years he’s worked in disaster and poverty conditions in remote regions of the world including Haiti, Africa, Nepal, Nicaragua, Amazon Jungle and the Philippines.

He was a member of the Disaster Medicine Assistance Team of NM. He’s also provided medical care for many years at annual large scale events including Bataan Death March (attended by 20,000 participants), Burningman (attended by 50,000 participants) and LovElution (attended by 10,000 participants).

As a humanitarian, Lustig has worked with solitary confinement, life sentence and death row inmates at the super max State Penitentiary of New Mexico.

Additionally, Andrew has organized large scale events and raised substantial funds for his dear friends, the Maasai people of Kenya to build schools and provide food. Lustig and has given speeches and appeared in print, radio and television.

For two decades in Andrew’s prior life chapter, he was an owner/CEO of a diversified media corporation with 1000 associates in NYC and locations across the country. He lives with his two children, three horses, and two dogs in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Andrew attended Hampshire College, Clayton College of Natural Health and the The Harvard Humanitarian Academy.

Find more information about Andrew at: dr.andrew-naturopath.com

You can find information about Global Outreach Doctors, including opportunities for volunteering on one of their medical teams, at: http://globaloutreachdoctors.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GlobalOutreachDoctors

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GODocs1


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