Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC


Keith has been a nurse since 1996, with a depth of experience on the front lines, focusing on community health, public health, home health, hospice, and the management of chronic disease.

Keith is the well-known blogger behind the award-winning nursing blog, Digital Doorway, and he is the founder of Nurse Keith Coaching and NurseKeith.com. He is currently an editorial contributor for Working Nurse Magazine, LPNtoBSNonline.org, MultiBriefs New Service, and DiabeticLifestyle.com, and has also been a featured author in a number of books focused on the nursing profession.

As a Board Certified Nurse Coach (NC-BC), Keith brings a wealth of experience and tools to his coaching of nurses and healthcare professionals. He specializes in coaching related to career management, wellness and self-care, burnout prevention and recovery, writing and blogging, the authentic uses of social media, and nurse entrepreneurship.

Keith’s passion is coaching nurses and to create outstandingly satisfying 21st-century careers. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, Mary Rives, who herself is an author, coach, and monologue facilitator/performer.

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Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN


Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN is on a mission to shift the profession of nursing from the inside out. Nurses typically enter their careers with a desire to provide compassionate, heart-based care. Challenged by regulations, financial pressures and technological advancements, todays nurse struggles to balance the art with the science of nursing. As a keynote speaker, bestselling author of Nursing from Within, and the host of the Nurse’s Week online program the Art of Nursing, Elizabeth inspires nursing teams to reconnect with the passionate and fulfilling joy that once called them to their roles.

Elizabeth is also a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Coach. She lives in Maryland with her supportive husband and playfully, silly pit bull. When Elizabeth’s not speaking to or teaching other nurses you can find her practicing Yoga, playing in nature, or dancing to her favorite jam band, moe. Find out more about Elizabeth at http://elizabethscala.com.

Kevin Ross, RN, BSN


Kevin has “officially” been minted as a serial entrepreneur and “unofficially” been described as subatomic particles in two separate places at the same time and never settling with the status quo. For as far back as he can remember he’s always gone against the grain, and now he’s gluten free.

He has over seventeen years of combined entrepreneurial and management experience as a CEO, business consultant and mentor, technology evangelist, angel investor, speaker, blogger, podcast producer, and most importantly an advocate for just about anything outside of the box.


“Being an entrepreneur is not an occupation, it’s a movement, a lifestyle choice I’ve made. My driving force behind being an entrepreneur is a steady constant at finding solutions to a problem. I’m always going to be that guy who steps forward first when asked “who’s up for it?” I suppose it’s just that I don’t mind being wrong or looking foolish. There’s simply no room for ego, just a space for doing good and connecting meaningfully with others.”

Among his portfolio of entrepreneurial endeavors, Kevin founded a nurse concierge and consulting business, Spire Health Partners in 2007. The primary goal of Spire Health is to help support underserved people and communities get the medical care and attention they deserve and need. To that end, he is involved in a variety of projects from small and grassroots to larger scale initiatives all with the focus of ensuring the health and safety of the clients being served.

Kevin founded Innovative Nurse in 2011 as a side project to share his experiences on “the road less traveled” as a nurse entrepreneur. This endeavor continued to evolve into a platform not only as a resource for nurse entrepreneurs, but also as a platform that helps nurses develop the skills on improving their careers in their current settings. Whether seeking business advice or input on a career at the bedside or a corporate setting, nurses have discovered that a solid personal brand can take their practice to the next level.

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"Their back and forth banter on the show makes me feel like I'm hanging out with some old friends"

— Craig Erikson, RN, BSN
Keep It Real RN

"You helped me realize that I've been in business and not considering myself as my own brand."

— Amelia Roberts, BSN, RN
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